Research Products

Specialty Chemicals for Research

PJ-34 [PJ34, PJ 34]
Potent, water-soluble PARP inhibitor.
INHBP, INH2BP 5-iodo-6-amino-1,2-benzopyrone
Inhibitor of poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1 (PARP-1).
Other PARP inhibitors
(3-aminobenzamide, 3-AB; Benzamide; 6(5H)-phenanthridinone; 5-Aminoisoquinolinone (5-AIQ); 6(5H)-Phenanthridinone; 4-Hydroxyquinazoline, 4-Quinazolinol; 1,5-Isoquinolinediol, 5-Hydroxy-1(2H)-isoquinolinone; 3,4-Dihydro-5-[4-(1-piperidinyl)butoxy]-1(2H)-isoquinolinone (DPQ))
GED guanidinoethyldisulfide bicarbonate
Potent inhibitor of mouse inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS/ NOS II).
Our most potent PARS inhibitor available.
MEG. Mercaptoethylguanidine (sodium succinate salt)
inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS/ NOS II) and scavenger of peroxynitrite.
Other inhibitors of NOS
(S-(2-Aminoethyl)isothiourea, 2-Aminothiazoline, S-Methylisothiourea sulfate, 2-amino-4-methylpyridine, 2-Iminopiperidine hydrochloride, aminoguanidine)

Specialty Biologic Reagents for Research

Bacterial Flagellins
Recombinant flagellins expressed in E. coli of various origin.
Plates coated with recombinant flagellin
Ready to go in 96 well format, 8 wells/strip, 12 strips. Control antibody is included.
Monoclonal Antibodies to flagellin
These murine antibodies recognize various epitopes in conserved N and C terminal domains of Salmonella muenchen flagellin.